Low carbon steel best api 5l psl2 x70 steel quality application


After 1975, our equipment includes blast furnaces, electric furnaces, vacuum refining furnaces, and electroslag furnaces. The product varieties are relatively complete. Plates, best api 5l PSL2 x70 steel quality tubes, wires, belts, and profiles have a certain scale, including magnetic, elastic, expanded, bimetal and other precision alloy materials for national defense and electronics industries. In 1982, these plants produced 364,000 tons of best api 5l PSL2 x70 steel quality steel and 542,000 tons of steel.

The quality inspection department is responsible for the inspection management of raw materials and finished products, and the quality inspection and acceptance of products and raw materials. Strictly abide by the company's management system, conscientiously exercise the management power given by the company, and put an end to all ultra vires; be responsible for the inspection of all kinds of raw materials entering the company, and put forward quality problems and handling opinions.

Q345E steel is low-alloy high-strength steel with good low-temperature impact properties. The grade of Q345E steel is composed of three parts: Chinese phonetic alphabet representing yield strength, yield strength value and quality grade symbol. Where: Q is the yield strength; 345 is the yield strength value in MPa; E is the grade (passing the - 40 degree impact test). best api 5l PSL2 x70 steel quality, Q345E steel is mainly used in various welding structures, such as bridges, vehicles, ships, pipelines, boilers, large vessels, power stations, workshops, low-temperature pressure vessels, etc.

MS carbon steel plate product best api 5l PSL2 x70 steel quality hot selling: 8*1500*6000, 12*3100*7400, 11*1870*9500, 10*1300*4000, 11*1870*13700, 12*1640*6800, 11*1870*10000, 7*2300*6000, 12*3100*8300, 11*1870*13950, 12*2100*7900, 11*1870*10800, 10.5*1970*7900, 12.5*1750*11250, 11*1900*10850, 12*2850*5300, 11*1870*11500, 12*3100*6800, 13*1600*6000, 14*3070*5400.

In December of 2015, our regular India customer sent us an inquiry for best api 5l PSL2 x70 steel quality pipe. The inquiry requires no negative tolerance in both pipes’ outer diameter and pipe wall. After two weeks’ discussion, he put the order of 275 tons to us. The pipes are finished within just one month. Our customer come to our factory to inspect the quality and tolerance, all the products are well meet his demand. The pipes are arriving to Nhava Sheva port, customer is very happy with our products and service during the process.

Since its establishment, the company has participated in several key railway and highway projects. After years of development, the company’s best api 5l PSL2 x70 steel quality domestic market has been exported to more than a dozen provinces and cities including Kunming, Shenzhen, Hunan, Sichuan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Heihe, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang . International trade is exported to Kazakhstan, South Korea, Vietnam, South Africa and many other countries, and has been well received by customers.

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