Export 3.2mm thick coil api 5l psl2 x70 steel element content 500 tons


We recieved new order about api 5l PSL2 x70 steel element content 3mm thickness and so on dimension ABS grade A shipbuilding steel plates. It is not easy to find 3mm thickness shipbuilding steel plates supplier. The order was put to other supplier before, but the customers was informed not able to supply 3mm thickness api 5l PSL2 x70 steel element content shipbuilding steel plates with ABS certificate. This was disappointed and the customer had to withdraw the order. After a lot of investigation and recommendation, the customer finally find us and we fully have the ability to supply this batch of shipbuilding steel plates according to their requirements.

45MnB characteristics and applications: alloy structural steel has good hardenability, the critical hardenable diameter in oil reaches 17 ~ 31mm. The machinability of steel api 5l PSL2 x70 steel element content is good, the forging and heat treatment process performance is also good, the tendency of grain growth, oxidation, decarburization and heat treatment deformation is also small when heated. 45MnB steel is mainly used for gears on machine tools, spindles of drilling machines, turning shafts and cams of tractors.

The company's logistics uses third-party logistics. This logistics model plays an important role in improving the efficiency of our business operations. Third-party logistics is an important form of logistics specialization. As a company specializing in logistics, third-party logistics companies have a wealth of experts who specialize in logistics operations, which is conducive to ensuring the professional production of the company, reducing costs, and improving logistics level of the company. Both the customers and the company benefit from the logystics mode.

On March 17 th 2018, our Sudan customer purchased the SG295 cylinder steel coils through other country such as UAE,Turkey before they cooperate with us. After they research our regular customer in Uganda, UAE, and his friends in China, he is satisfied with our company. Our produced SG295 cylinder steel is mainly used to fabricate low temperature pressure vessels like gas cylinder. The customer is very satisfied to our api 5l PSL2 x70 steel element content quality control and professional arrangement for the SG295 steel order.

The unloading of Australian coal has ceased, and the quota for imported coal has been reduced. The domestic coal supply gap has gradually emerged. In the case of high inventories of power plants, there are hidden concerns about subsequent coal transfer channels. At present, there has been an increase in the number of ships that have completed the formalities of anchoring ships at Qin Port and Huanghua Port, indicating that a new round of procurement will kick off, prompting traders to continue to raise prices.

Thank you for visiting the website of BBN Steel and affording us the opportunity to become your preferred vendor of api 5l PSL2 x70 steel element content. Our team strives to lead our peers in providing value-added services and support to our clients throughout the world. We look forward to welcoming you to come and visit our factory.

The 2019 Year of the Pig is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Growing up with the motherland, our company sang songs to the mark the 70th victory anniversary. In September, we organized all employees to sing "My Country and I" and made a film.

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