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The company is a leading company that sells steel plate products in the Central Plains region and has a high reputation in the steel plate industry. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity cooperation and common development", and has sold steel products with various materials. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, construction, boiler, decoration, offshore operations, electric heating, gravity machinery and other industries.

api 5l PSL2 x70 steel element content,The hardness of api 5l PSL2 x70 steel element content, wear-resistant steel plate is an important standard to measure wear resistance. The hardness of wear-resistant steel plate can be divided into microhardness and surface hardness. The microhardness of carbide in the wear-resistant layer of wear-resistant steel plate can reach over HVl700-2000, and the surface hardness can reach HRC58-62. Chromium alloy is the main wear-resistant layer of wear-resistant steel plate, and other alloy components such as manganese, molybdenum, niobium, nickel are added at the same time.

High strength steel is a kind of steel often used in engineering construction. With the improvement of technical level, the research and development of high strength steel in China has made remarkable achievements. The application of high strength steel api 5l PSL2 x70 steel element content in the construction field can reduce the steel consumption and building volume, and improve the building weight. That is one of the important reason why the high strength steel is so warmly welcomed nowadays.

The company formulates clear service process and service standard. To do a good job in after-sales service, first of all, clear service process and service standards should be formulated to let employees know which procedures to perform and which service standards to abide by.

For employees' development,  the company's transformation and development provides employees with a broad career development platform. The company needs "lion-type" entrepreneurial leaders who are full of entrepreneurial enthusiasm and dare to self-renovate. They also need a large number of professional and professional high-quality talents, and employees can get full capacity to display opportunities.

api 5l PSL2 x70 steel element content,We have a good inventory system because of which the alloy steel plates and structural steel sheets are supplied and delivered to our customers on time. Our alloy steel plate is significantly affordable than austenitic stainless steel which helps to reduce maintenance and full life costs – as well as improved safety over standard boilerplate. Contact us today to request a quotation or email us with your complete specification, we are happy to help you!api 5l PSL2 x70 steel element content

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