What is the BBNSteel company api 5l x46 psl2 stock list


api 5l x46 psl2 products 2020 online supply: 6*1950*10000, 6*2000*10000, 6*2200*10000, 6*2800*12000, 7*2200*8000, 7*2920*8200, 7*2920*8780, 2200*11200, 8*2200*5730, 8*2210*11000, 8*2400*12000, 9*2300*6870, 12.5*2900*11000, 12.9*2987*10384, 13.6*2940*11455, 14*1950*10900, 14*1950*10950, 14*1950*11000, 14*1950*8000, 14*2000*13500, 22*3400*13000, 23.1*2590*7790, 25*1600*9300.

Hyundai Steel Co. has no plans to cut production further despite weak steel demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company's president said. Earlier this year, South Korea's second largest steelmaker reduced its api 5l x46 psl2 annual production of hot rolled coils from 1 million tons previously to 700 thousand tons per year for EAFs. A turnaround is expected after the third quarter of this year.

api 5l x46 psl2, L245N is pipeline steel plate, and the oil and natural gas transportation longitudinally welded pipes and other fluid transportation longitudinally welded pipes made of L245N steel mainly adopt 8mm-40mm thickness wide and thick steel plates. api 5l x46 psl2, L245N is mainly used for the transportation of gas, water and oil in the natural gas industry. The delivery status of L245N steel plate is normalized.

The company adheres to the needs of customers, adheres to win-win integrity, and relies on scientific and technological innovation to continue to improve the level of logistics equipment technology and information technology, and enhance the logistics technology research and development and innovation capabilities. Based on market demand and innovation as the driving force for development, the company actively expands the field of logistics services, accelerates the extension of the logistics industry chain, and scientifically advances the diversification of the logistics industry.

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