The api 5l psl2 x56 steel used in petroleum elongation analysis


Appropriate speed cooling through phase transition temperature zone after strip rolling is an effective technological means to obtain high strength api 5l PSL2 x56 steel used in petroleum grade pipeline steel.The type of ferrite in steel, the dislocation density in ferrite, the size of bainite phase, and the number and size of precipitated phase in bainite can be adjusted by interstitial accelerated cooling or continuous accelerated cooling.

The quenching of steel plate is to heat the api 5l PSL2 x56 steel used in petroleum steel to above the critical temperature, keep it warm for a period of time, and then quickly put it into the quenching agent, so that its temperature drops suddenly, and the speed of rapid cooling is greater than the critical cooling rate, and obtain the heat treatment method of imbalanced structure with martensite as the main body. Quenching increases the strength and hardness of steel, but reduces its plasticity. Quenching commonly used quenching agents are: water, oil, alkaline water and salt solutions.

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The size of the crystal grains can be controlled by the annealing conditions of the api 5l PSL2 x56 steel used in petroleum steel sheet, and the boiling steel sheet is more likely to change greatly. Especially in order to improve the formability of boiling api 5l PSL2 x56 steel used in petroleum steel and the processability of enamel products (such as not easy to foam), it is decarburized and annealed to make cold-rolled steel sheets with coarser grains and soft texture. However, if the crystal grains are too coarse, the forming limit of spinning may be reduced.

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