Steel supplier equivalent grades of api 5l x80 steel hardness testing


The difference between cold rolled steel sheet and hot rolled steel plate. The carbon content of equivalent grades of api 5l x80 steel, hot rolled steel plate is slightly higher than that of cold rolled steel sheet. In the case of little difference in composition, the density of cold rolled steel sheet and hot rolled steel plate is the same. Hot rolled steel plate has characteristics of low hardness, easy processing and good ductility. Cold rolled steel sheet has high hardness, and it is relatively difficult for processing. But it is not easy to deform and has high strength. Hot rolled steel plate can be made into alloy steel plate by adding other elements, and its properties are also excellent compared with other high-quality steel plates.

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The rolling pipe is made by steel plate with welding process. The rolling pipe is mainly used for conveying water, gas, air, oil and hot water or steam, etc. The rolling pipe has the following characteristics. First, it is easy to process. Welding can be done directly on the basis of steel plates, equivalent grades of api 5l x80 steel. Second, the diameter is large, and various large-diameter rolling pipes can be directly customized and processed. Third, the processing speed is fast, saving processing time. Fourth, a small amount of customization can be used for trial proofing to avoid excessive waste.

API 5L X70 pipeline steel belongs to ultra-low carbon microalloyed steel. The production of API 5L X70 pipeline steel has almost applied all the new technological achievements in the field of metallurgy for more than 20 years. API 5L X70 pipeline steel is a product with high technology content and high added value. API 5L X70 hot rolled equivalent grades of api 5l x80 steel high strength pipeline steel is one of the important products in pipeline steel, which requires high precision of hot rolling equipment and difficult process control.

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