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Pipeline steel refers to a type of steel with special requirements used for the transportation of oil, natural gas and other pipelines. Depending on the thickness and subsequent formation, pipeline steel can be produced by hot continuous rolling machines, furnace coil machines or plate machines, and formed into large-diameter steel pipe by spiral welding or UOE straight seam welding. The current development trend of api 5l x46 edition pipeline engineering is large-diameter, high-pressure rich gas transportation, high cold and corrosive service environment, and thickening of submarine pipelines.

As the basic processing materials and building materials, the medium and heavy plate is an important purchasing material for many manufacturers and construction enterprises, so the grasp of the latest price rise and fall of the medium and heavy plate, api 5l x46 edition is directly related to the cost and profit of enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary for purchasing staff to learn how to predict. Today, we share the latest price rise and fall skills, how to predict the price trend of medium and heavy plate, api 5l x46 edition.

Our quality and service commitment: api 5l x46 edition product quality problems, life-long replacement.In the process of using, any time if you find we supplied steel materials not conform to the requirements of technical standards, we can replace it for you free of charge. However, it should be noted that non product quality problems caused by improper use are not covered by the warranty. Please pay attention to the service time commitment as well as the product quality assurance commitment. Because only the products of big brands and reliable enterprises with complete after-sales service system can truly realize the long-term product quality assurance and the whole process of service.

For the estimation in April and the second quarter, the estimation on March 16 is still valid, but the decrease in April is 10% higher than the neutral prediction. It is a conservative estimation based on 10% for the high probability event. In the second quarter, the output of overseas pig iron will be reduced by 11.67 million tons, affecting the demand for api 5l x46 edition iron ore of about 1.84 million tons; in the first half of the year, the output will be reduced by 18.899 million tons, affecting the demand for iron ore of 32.13 million tons.

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