api 5l x52 psl2 15cm heavy plate price


our company is leading supplier of API 5CT casing pipes in China. N80 oil casing pipes enjoy high size precision, good weld toughness, api 5l x52 psl2 good extrusion resistance, easy quality control and low cost features. Welcome to our company to purchase api 5l x52 psl2 API 5CT N80 and so on casing pipes.

api 5l x52 psl2 product plate specification range: Thickness 3-150mm Width 1500-4020mm Length 4000mm-17000mm Heat treatment: annealing, or normalizing and tempering

BBN STEEL supply api 5l x52 psl2 plate specifications range: thickness 8-650mm, width 1500-4020mm, length 4000mm-17000mm, single weight maximum 30.00 tons. Various special specification sheets can be rolled according to customer requirements. Types of steel products: carbon structural steel pipes, low-alloy high-strength steel sheet, steel angles for bridges, steel section for building structures, steel plates for shipbuilding and offshore platforms, steel for boilers and pressure vessels and alloy structures.

Cold-rolled api 5l x52 psl2 steel plates are used for parts that require a large degree of plastic deformation of the material when forming parts, and there must be no wrinkles, cracks, etc. on the surface. For different parts, use different grades of steel plates. For example, the Japanese automotive api 5l x52 psl2 steel sheet standard is divided into three categories. The first category (SPCC) is ordinary cold-rolled steel sheet, which is usually rolled by rimmed steel, the second category (SPCD) is rolled steel sheet, and the third category (SPCE or SPCEN) ) Is a cold rolled steel sheet for deep drawing.

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