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X56 steel plate is a kind of steel mainly used for large-diameter pipelines. API X56 steel plate is used to manufacture buried pipelines for natural gas transmission. Due to the corrosion of soil, serious degradation will occur. The corrosion type of X56 steel plate that can be produced is usually general corrosion and pitting. we are API 5L X56 steel suppliers ,we also can supply API 5L X52,API 5L X60,API 5L X65,API 5L X70,API 5L X80,please contact us if you need.

Construction preparation for steel plate cutting: the api 5l specification latest edition steel plate used for cutting shall be inspected and accepted by the quality department, and its indicators shall meet the corresponding provisions of the specification.The grade, thickness and surface quality of the steel plate should be checked before discharging the steel plate. If the depth of the corrosion point on the surface of the steel plate exceeds the negative deviation of the national standard, it is not allowed to be used for the product.

Seminar on technology innovation of power transmission and distribution equipment for iron and steel enterprises; seminar on intelligent silo construction technology; meeting on longevity and intelligent supply and demand of blast furnaces in iron smelting plants. Seminar on intelligent development and equipment technology innovation in steel deep processing industry; seminar on dust removal treatment technology and application in steel industry, etc.

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