100 tons API 5L X42 steel application price


With the development of pipeline steel plate technology and the advancement of welded pipe forming and welding technology, the application scope of pipeline welded pipe is gradually expanding, especially in the range of large-diameter group spacing. Occupying a leading position in the field of line pipes has restricted the development of stainless steel seamless line pipes. In 2004, the output of API 5L X42 steel application seamless line pipes was about 400,000 tons, with steel grades including X42-70, and varieties of onshore line pipes and subsea line pipes.

The basic phases of API 5L X42 steel application, structural steel in the annealed state are ferrite and carbide. The alloy elements are dissolved in ferrite to form alloy ferrite, which depends on solid solution strengthening to increase strength and hardness, but at the same time reduce plasticity and toughness. The addition of alloying elements reduces the carbon content of the eutectoid point, which increases the proportion of pearlite in the structure and reduces the distance of the pearlite layer. This also increases the strength of the steel and reduces the plasticity.

The company has API 5L X42 steel application advanced production equipment and machining technology, excellent marketing team and domestic regional channel partners, and sound management plan for product market development and after-sales service. After years of cooperation experience API 5L X42 steel application, we have accumulated a large number of customers at home and abroad, and won unanimous praise.

We have a professional after-sales department to collect all information related to customers, so as to make relevant treatment in time according to the information, and file it; guide the user's product use methods and precautions; coordinate with the sales department, visit customers regularly, understand the customer's use and new requirements, and make a customer visit record; When communicating with customers, they should be enthusiastic and careful to understand the situation of product problems and put forward solutions

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