Supply the api 5l grade a vs b grade


A small amount of Nb is sufficient to obtain excellent comprehensive properties of api 5l grade a vs b etc. steel material, because at low Nb concentration, the yield strength of steel material increases faster and is proportional to the concentration, but when the Nb content is greater than 0.03%, the strengthening effect begins to decrease. Studies have shown that when the Nb content is greater than 0.06%, excess Nb will no longer strengthen the steel material.

Many people will mix strip steel and steel plate together, which can usually be distinguished from the following points. First of all, the thickness of the steel plate is much thicker, and the thinner the strip steel is required, the better. Secondly, in appearance, the steel strip can be crimped and the steel plate is too thick to bend, even if it is bent, it is difficult to recover, because it is easy to break if it is bent too much. Thirdly, the strength of api 5l grade a vs b, steel plate is higher than that of strip steel. The steel plate is suitable for construction engineering, while strip steel is only suitable for processing into hardware products.

We supply 5800 tons A53 Gr B ERW pipes to Qatar for Qatar Integrated Railway Project - Green Line. This is the first Metro Line in Qatar, and it is located in Doha. We got the order by tender, launched by the Qatar Railways Company for designing, construction and completion of Green Line Project. Before putting order, a delegation from the api 5l grade a vs b project side visited us and several other famous steel pipe mills in China for 15 days. Finally, we were chosen and finished the task exceeding their expectations.

We focus on ensuring that we have a large availability of all hot rolled plate thicknesses and dimensions so that all normal requirements can be met on an ex-stock basis. We also aim to be able to meet requirements for larger quantities that would normally be ordered from the mill in order to help customers in the oil and gas industries to accelerate deliveries times of their projects.

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