MS sheet metal carbon steel coil api 5l psl2 x70 steel density with boron


The company has an entrepreneurial team composed of highly educated and high-quality talents, whose leaders graduated from famous universities. As the first group of teams engaged in e-commerce industry in China, it witnessed the rapid development of e-commerce, accumulated rich steel professional knowledge and formed a scientific management system.

The quality of api 5l PSL2 x70 steel density shall not only meet the requirements of the standard, but also be higher or stricter than the product characteristics specified in the standard, including chemical composition, structure, physical properties, chemical properties and other requirements of api 5l PSL2 x70 steel density buyer, such as packaging, delivery time, etc.. On the basis of the quality of api 5l PSL2 x70 steel density in line with the corresponding standards, some buyers will put forward specific requirements according to their own use requirements, which is called technical agreement. That is, some specific factors should be met according to the buyer's requirements. These requirements may be the control of chemical element content of api 5l PSL2 x70 steel density and certain performance limit of api 5l PSL2 x70 steel density, etc.

api 5l PSL2 x70 steel density, API 5L X52 steel with the thickness range is 1.2-40mm, the width range is 1220-4200mm, and the length range is 5000-18000mm. API 5L X52 steel’s mechanical properties is the yield strength 300MPa, and the tensile strength 460MPa. To be specified in details: Maximum content for C≤0.28%, Mn≤1.4%, P≤0.030%, S is 0.030%, V+Nb+Ti≤0.15%, Copper maximum is 0.50%, nickel maximum 0.50%, chromium 0.50%, Molybdenum 0.15%.

Welded pipe, also known as welded steel pipe, refers to the steel pipe made of steel plate or strip steel after crimping and forming, with a fixed length of 6 meters. The production process of welded steel pipe is simple, the production efficiency is high, the varieties and specifications are diversified, and the equipment investment is less, but the general strength is lower than that of seamless steel pipe. api 5l PSL2 x70 steel density, Welded pipes have many uses and are almost ubiquitous in our lives. However, when choosing welded pipes, we must pay attention to performance and material characteristics.

Our company regularly visits customers, consults and follows up the after-sales service, and directly solves problems for customers. In the use of our steel materials, whether quality problems or not, the after-sales will help solve the problem as soon as possible. We promise free life-long replacement for any product quality problems. The sound after-sales service system make you free from worries.

The company will rely on its good reputation, excellent hot-rolled plates, steel pipes, steel structure products, and intimate api 5l PSL2 x70 steel density after-sales service to customers. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the old and new friends and customers who have always given care, support and help to the company! The company sincerely hopes to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with them, mutual benefit and common development. Welcome to come and visit our api 5l PSL2 x70 steel density steel mill.

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