hot rolled application of api 5l grade b steel inventory 2021


The effect of nitrogen on steel performance is similar to that of carbon and phosphorus. With the increase of application of api 5l grade b steel nitrogen content, the strength of steel can be improved, plasticity especially toughness can be significantly reduced, weldability becomes worse, and cold brittleness is intensified. Nitrogen with aluminum, niobium, vanadium and other elements can reduce its adverse effects, improve the performance of application of api 5l grade b steel steel, can be used as an alloying element of low alloy steel.

Medium thick steel plate refers to the steel plate with a thickness of not less than 3 mm but less than 20 mm. It can be produced by reversible hot rolling medium and heavy plate mill, and its thin products can also be processed by cold rolling mill. application of api 5l grade b steel, Medium thick steel plates are mainly used in boilers, shipbuilding, railway cars, automobiles, containers, military industry, national defense, construction, bridges and containers.

The high strength of application of api 5l grade b steel pipeline steel requires high yield strength of pipeline steel, so that better economic benefits can be obtained. For pipeline steels with bainite type above grade X65, the Bauschinger effect due to the pipe making process will be weakened.

As we are supplying EN 10028-3 Grade P355NH fine grained structure steel plates and application of api 5l grade b steel in China since 2008 to many petrochemical companies and in energy sector industries. We have become a preferred hot-rolled plates supplier in China.

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