Hot rolled api 5l psl2 x56 steel used in petroleum size specification


With the development of remote oil and gas fields, polar oil and gas fields, offshore oil and gas fields and acid oil and gas fields, oil and gas pipeline engineering is facing challenges of high-pressure transmission and harsh environment such as low temperature, large displacement, deep sea and acid medium. In order to ensure the enthusiasm and safety of pipeline construction and operation, the basic requirements and development trend of api 5l PSL2 x56 steel used in petroleum, pipeline steel are high strength, high toughness, large deformation, thick wall, high corrosion and good weldability.

api 5l PSL2 x56 steel used in petroleum plate weight: 1) Theoretical weight of api 5l PSL2 x56 steel used in petroleum plate: The theoretical weight of a steel plate is the weight calculated based on the nominal size and density of the steel plate (previously called specific gravity). It is closely related to the length, size, and cross-sectional area of the steel plate. 2) The actual weight of api 5l PSL2 x56 steel used in petroleum plate: The actual weight of the steel plate refers to the weight obtained through actual weighing, which is more accurate than the theoretical weight.

The work performance of api 5l PSL2 x56 steel used in petroleum etc. steel material is mainly depended on its chemical composition, mechanical properties etc. parameters. The higher strength the steel has, the less quantity steel is needed to achieve same strong effect of the steel structure. However, the steel strength varies with the thickness. So please take steel thickness into consideration when evaluating the steel strength. For a certain steel, its strength also has something to do with the steel shape. For example, for a same steel grade, the steel strength is different for steel plates and pipes.

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